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On CUTV Montréal during Concordia University “Art and Survival” panel Bitch Magazine features the Comfort of Queer Family Wisdom 2-Qtpoc curator interview on CBC One of the 20 Hottest Montrealers of 2012 in The Gazette Cult Montreal on 2-Qtpoc 2013 Elisha Lim curates Montreal’s First Racialized Gay Pride in The Gazette You’ve likely been drooling over Lim’s 2012 calendar, […]

Praise for 100 Butches
Praise for 100 Butches

Praise for 100 Butches:   you’ll be reeling too. The emotional honesty of her drawing is matched by Lim’s earnestly handwritten text. She really sees these women, she really loves them, and she’s transmitting them to us with a fluency and an immediacy that breaks my heart. from the introduction by Alison Bechdel, author and artist, […]