Elisha Lim

radical algorithmic literacy

Algorithms are described as opaque and inscrutable. False. 
Users intuit their real world impact and operation – especially marginalized users who feel their highest stakes.
This is radical algorithmic literacy, 
and I build tools to help it grow.

Elisha Lim is an award-winning queer filmmaker and graphic novelist whose online social justice activism inspired their PhD on social media business models, algorithmic agendas and tools for change. They are supervised by leading scholars at the University of Toronto, T.L Cowan, David Neiborg and Rinaldo Walcott. Their art and research is published in peer reviewed digital journals as well as The Daily Beast, hyperallergic, Document Journal and C Magazine. They are the recipient of Canada Council of the Arts grants, Ontario Graduate Scholarships, and the annual OCAD University medal. Their extensive community-based art is the subject of academic research including Duke University Press scholars Eliza Steinbock and Leslie Bow.

TEDxUofT 2021
Social Media Algorithms Turn us Against Each Other– Here's How