Elisha Lim

University of Toronto

Faculty of Information & Women and Gender Studies Institute


Ph.D. in progress, Media, Technology, and Culture. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON (expected 2022)

Dissertation committee: Prof. T.L. Cowan (supervisor), Prof. David Nieborg, Prof. Rinaldo Walcott. 

M.F.A., Criticism and Curatorial Practice. OCAD University, Toronto, ON. 2016.

“Contemporary Art Curating and its Long Christian Shadow” supervised by Prof. Andrea Fatona.

2016 CCP MFA Thesis Medal Winner

M.A., English Literature. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON. 2003.

B.A. Hons, English Literature and Sociology. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON. 2001.


The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and YYZ Artists' Outlet co-presented  public workshop "Radical Algorithmic Literacy" 2021

University of Toronto, Media, Technology, and Culture

Culture and Technology II (graduate level, seminar leader) 2020

User Experience Design and Information Architecture (graduate level; tutorial leader) 2019 & 2020

Modeling and Systems Requirements (graduate level; grader) 2020

Media Ethics (300 level; tutorial leader) 2019

Mapping New Media (200 level; grader) 2019

University of Toronto, Women and Gender Studies 

The Politics of Girlhood (300 level; interim course instructor) 2019

Gender in Popular Culture (200 level; tutorial leader) 2018 & 2019

OCAD University

Special Course "Uncover/Recover," Indigenous Visual Cultures Program (curriculum developer; curator; project manager) 2017 

The Essay and the Argument (100 level; tutorial leader) 2016 & 2017 

Extraordinary Bodies: Disability Aesthetics (300 level; tutorial leader) 2015 – 2017

Art History Pre-1800 (100 level; tutorial leader) 2015 – 2017

Art History Post-1800 (100 level; tutorial leader) 2015 – 2017

Art Gallery of Ontario

Graphic Novel (course instructor) 2015


Peer Reviewed 

Lim, E. (2021). “Personal Identity Economics: Facebook and the distortion of identity politics.” Social Media + Society. Volume 7 Issue 2. May 2021

Lim, E. (2020). “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Facebook.” Social Media + Society. Volume 6 Issue 2. April 1, 2020.

Book Chapters

Lim, E. (2018). “Renounce or Perish.” Eds. Dei, G; Hilowle, S. Cartographies of Race and Social Difference. Stockholm: Springer International Publishing. 25-65.

Lim, E. (2016). “Immigrants in Solidarity with Indigenous People.” Ed. Mackenzie, M. The Solidarity Struggle: how people of color succeed and fail at showing up for each other in the fight for freedom. Detroit: BGD Press. 95-101.

Lim, E. (2014). “Tomée.” Eds. Wane, N; Jagire, J; Murad, Z. Ruptures: Anti-colonial & anti-racist feminist Theorizing. Stockholm: Springer Science & Business Media. 175-175.

Lim, E. (2013). "Elisha Lim." Ed. Sheila Sampath. Letters Lived: Radical Reflections, Revolutionary Paths, Toronto: Three O'Clock Press. 113-120.

Graphic Novel

Lim, E. (2021). Seven Dreams About You. Manuscript under review at Fantagraphics Books.

Lim, E. (2014). 100 Crushes. Toronto: Koyama Press.

Non Peer Reviewed Essays

Lim, E. (2021). “How Ethnic Fraud Became Perversely Bankable.” The Daily Beast. June 14.

Lim, E. (2020). “Curatorial Statement, former TSG Curator Elisha Lim.” That’s So Gay: Eleventeen [Exhibition Catalogue]. Toronto: Gladstone Hotel. 

Lim, E. (2020). “Stories that Sell.” University of Toronto Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory.

Lim, E. (2019). “Identity Politics Economics.” C Magazine. C143. 9-12.

Lim, E. (2019). “Exorcising the Ghosts of Social Media Relationships Past.” Document Journal. July 11.

Lim, E. (2019). “My ancestors dirty thoughts: The art of Sarah Creagen.” Shameless Magazine. May 14.

Lim, E. (2017). “Dorset Seen Catalogue.” Inuit Art Quarterly. 30.4 Winter. 12-14.

Lim, E. (2014). “Curatorial Statement.” That’s So Gay: Say it to my Face. [Exhibition Catalogue]. Toronto: Gladstone Hotel. 

Lim, E. (2012). “2-QTPOC” [Exhibition Catalogue]. Montréal: galerie articule 


Lim, E. (2021). “Identity Economics.” Under review at Digital Humanities Quarterly

Lim, E. (2021). “Gaming the Grant Algorithm.” Canadian Art. Expected August 2021.

Lim, E. (2021) “Making Things with Florence Yee.” Elusive Desires [Exhibition Catalogue]. Markham: Varley Art Gallery. Expected July 2021. 

Lim, E. (2021). “The Bee.” Asian Canada is Burning. Eds. Rose Ann Torres, Ian Liujia Tian, Coly Chau. Halifax: Fernview Press. Expected December 2021


2021 Ontario Graduate Scholarship

2020 Canada Arts Council Research and Creation Grant. Graphic Novel: Seven Dreams About You 

2019–2021 University Of Toronto Fellowship, Faculty Of Information Studies

2018–2019 University Of Toronto Fellowship, Faculty Of Arts And Science

2016 Mitacs Globalink Funding (declined by recipient)

2015 OCAD University Dean’s Scholarship  

2012 Conseil des Arts et Lettres de Québec “Vivacité” Grant. Film: God Loves Queers

2010 Canada Arts Council Writers' Works in Progress Grant. Graphic Novel: 100 Crushes

2009 Ontario Arts Council Creative Writing Grant. Graphic Novel: 100 Butches

2002–2003 University of Toronto Victoria College Post-Graduate Scholarship 


2018 Faculty Of Arts And Science Graduate Admission Award

2018 Kay Armatage Graduate Women And Gender Studies Entrance Prize

2017 Medal: Best Curatorial MFA Thesis, OCAD University

2017 Teaching Assistant of the Year, OCAD University

2001 Victoria College Graduating Scholarship


2018 “Uncover/Recover Legacy Project,” online exhibit collaboration between OCAD University’s Indigenous Visual Culture Program & Royal Ontario Museum

2016 “Marc Campbell lecture,” First Thursdays, Art Gallery of Ontario, March 2 

2016 “Unguarded,” Graduate Gallery, OCAD University, February 2 – 7

2016 “Petapan Indigenous Arts Symposium Exhibit” Curatorial assistant. Dieppe, New Brunswick, June 16 – 19

2013 “That's So Gay” Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, June 4 – 30 

2012 “2-QTPOC” galerie articule, Montréal, June 1 – 4


“Asian Diaspora and Critical Algorithmic Literacy” Second Generation Diaspora, Communication Studies, York University. Professor Casey Mecija. Forthcoming: February 8 2021

“Radical Algorithmic Literacy.” Gender and Pop Culture. Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto. Professor Angela Fazekas. July 20, 2019

“Critical Analysis of Crazy Rich Asians'' Gender and Pop Culture. Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto. Professor S. Trimble. February 12, 2018 

“Re-defining Adolescence in the time of Social Media” Politics of Girlhood. Women and Gender Studies Institute, University of Toronto. Professor Loree Erickson. June 2, 2018

“The art criticism of Rinaldo Walcott” The Essay and the Argument. OCAD University. Professor Charles Reeve. February 2017

“Curating Epistemic Disobedience” Queer Pop Culture. University of Toronto. Professor Andrew Lesk. March 10, 2016

“Art and diversity: Cue grant” OCAD University. Professor Julian Haladyn. April 8, 2016

“Queer and disabled hyper invisibility” Feminist Film and Media. Sexual Diversity Studies. University of Toronto. Professor Loree Erickson, June 28, 2016 

“Queer Graphic Novels” Queer Pop Culture. University of Toronto. Professor Andrew Lesk. March 10, 2015


2021 “Roundtable: Algorithmic literacy.” Communication and Cultural Policy in the Age of the Platform Conference, McMaster University. May 5. By invitation.

2021 "Publish and prevail: Graduate student guidance for academic publishing" Canadian Congress for Social Sciences and Humanities. June 3.

2021 Radical Algorithmic Literacy” University of Toronto TEDx. January 21. 

2020 “Cancelled: Identity Economics of Piety.” Monday Night Seminars, The McLuhan Center for Culture and Technology, University of Toronto, January 27. By invitation.

2020 Graduate Colloquium, Association of Internet Researchers, Dublin, Ireland. November 12. 

2019 “From Identity Politics to Identity Economics.” MIT 10 Democracy and Digital Media Conference, Boston Massachusetts, May 17, 18. 

2018 “State of Blackness: Canadian Black Film and Video Database” V-Tape presentation of results of Research Assistance to Dr. Andrea Fatona

2017 “The Christian Sociology of Transgender Social Media.” Art and Activism: Resilience Techniques in Times of Crisis International Conference, Leiden, Netherlands. December 13-15. By invitation.

2017 “Renounce or Perish” Sociology of Race Conference, Ontario Institute of Secondary Education, University of Toronto. April 6. 

2016 “QTBIPOC comics.” OCAD Student Union Social Justice Conference, OCAD University, Toronto, June 2. 

2016 “All Your Base Are Belong To Us: Japan’s Potential “Soft Power” and the Art of Michael DeForge.” National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Montreal, Canada. By Competition. November 10 - 13. 

2015 “Performing Time.” Trans Temporalities Conference, University of Toronto, Canada. June 2. By invitation.

2015 “Love Never Felt So Good.” Film screening. Critical Ethnic Studies Conference, York University, Toronto. May 4. By invitation. 

2014 “Qpoc Chronicles” panel feat. Deanna Bowen, LeRoi Newbold and Kama La Mackerel. Onsite [at] OCAD University, June 11. By invitation.

2014 “Art and Activism.” Panel with Vivek Shraya and Allyson Mitchell. Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Brock, Canada. May 12. By invitation. 

2013 “Art for activism,” The Racialized and Indigenous Women’s Symposium, Ryerson University. March 10. By invitation. 

2013 “Collective love.” Decolonizing Our Minds Conference. Equity Studies, University of Toronto. February 9. By invitation. 


2019 Closing Keynote. “The Power of Storytelling and Facebook's Business Plan.” Annual University of Toronto Equity Department Conference: Leadhership 2019, Toronto, Canada. February 11.

2018 “Panic in the Labyrinth” Artist talk curated by Amy Wong. Gardiner Museum, Toronto. August 19.

2018 “Grada Kilomba in the context of Toronto Black activism” Sunday Scene. Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. 15 July.

2017 OCAD University Orientation Keynote, September 5

2015 “Art and activism” Basquiat Ideas Bar: Justice, Art Gallery of Ontario. February 27.

2014 “Queer Storytelling” Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, Chicago, United States Main Audience: General Public. By invitation. June 28.

2014 “Interview with Elisha Lim.” OutEast Film Festival Spotlight Artist, Halifax. July 6.

2014 “Pedro Reyes: Sanatorium as a social experiment interrupting marginalization and alienation.” Sunday Scene. Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. July 13.

2014 “Crushes and Mountains.” Book tour with Vivek Shraya, Yale University, New Haven, October 20. 

2014 “Crushes and Mountains.” Book tour with Vivek Shraya, Columbia University, New York, October 21.

2014 “Crushes and Mountains.” Book tour with Vivek Shraya, Asian American Writer’s Workshop, Philadelphia October 21.

2015 Opening Keynote. Intersectional Solidarity. OUTstanding: Nova Scotia Gender and Sexuality Alliance Conference, Halifax, Canada. By invitation. December 10

2013 Keynote speaker with Kama La Mackerel, Brock Pride, ON, June 30 

2013 “Say My Name.” Book tour with Jia Qing Wilson-Yang, University of Toronto 

2013 “Say My Name.” Book tour with Jia Qing Wilson-Yang, Guelph University, Guelph, 

2012 Conference Keynote. Queer Accountability and Transmisogyny. Trans Conference, Salt Lake City. July 21. By invitation.

2012 “Art for Change,” United Nations Association of Multiculturalism and Media, Ottawa

2012 “The Art of Survival Speaker Series,” Concordia University. September 15.

2012 Keynote speaker, Brock Pride, ON 

2012 “Gay Genius” Book tour with Leah Lakshmi Piepza-Samarasinha and Leroi Newbold. Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

2012 “Gay Genius” Book tour with Leah Lakshmi Piepza-Samarasinha and Leroi Newbold. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

2012 “Gay Genius” Book tour with Leah Lakshmi Piepza-Samarasinha and Leroi Newbold. Queen’s University

2011 Panelist, United Nations Association of Multiculturalism and Media, Montreal, Quebec

2011 First Annual Trans March Parade Marshal, Trans Pride. Salt Lake City, Utah 

2010 “100 Butches.” Book tour with Michelle Tea, Silas Howard, Nicole Georges and Annie Danger. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. 

2010 “100 Butches.” Book tour with Michelle Tea, Silas Howard, Nicole Georges and Annie Danger. Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

2010 “100 Butches.” Artist Talk with Michelle Tea, Silas Howard, Nicole Georges and Annie Danger. Wesleyan College, Middletown, CT. 

2010 “100 Butches.” Book tour with Michelle Tea, Silas Howard, Nicole Georges and Annie Danger. Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY. 

2010 “100 Butches.” Book tour with Michelle Tea, Silas Howard, Nicole Georges and Annie Danger. Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.


Permanent Collection

100 Crushes, Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore (acquired 2015)

Select Published Comics

Lim, E. (2014). “A Conversation about Art and Activism with Trans and Genderqueer People Labelled with Intellectual Disabilities Trans activism in Canada: A reader. Canadian Scholars' Press Inc.

Lim, E. (2012). "The Hong Moon Lesbians of the Sacred Heart" Sister Spit Anthology. Ed Michelle Tea. Chicago: City Lights Books.

Lim, E. (2011). "Gender Revolution," Women's Review of Books, July/August 

Lim, E. (2011). "Trans ladies first" Bitch Magazine, Issue 52: Fall 

Lim, E. (2011) "100 Butches, an excerpt," Gay Genius, Ed. Annie Murphy. Portland: Sparkplug Comics.

Lim, E. (2009-2011) "Sweetest Taboo comic strip” Capital Xtra! Magazine

Lim, E. (2008-2009) “100 Butches comic strip,” LOTL Magazine. Sydney, Australia.

Lim, E. (2007-2008) “Queer Pioneers comic strip," Diva Magazine. London, UK.

Book Covers

Spoon, Rae. (2012). First Spring Grass Fire. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.

Coyote, Ivan. (2012). One in Every Crowd. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.

Coyote, Ivan and Sharman, Zena. (2010). Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme. Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press.

Solo Exhibits

2014 100 Butches, University of Chicago, Chicago 

2012 100% Mixed Race, A Space Gallery, Toronto 

2011 The Illustrated Gentleman, inaugural exhibit of Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue’s Feminist Art Gallery, or FAG, Toronto 

Select Group Exhibits

2016 “Transactions,” Carleton University Gallery. September 12 – February 12

2016 “Queer Pavilion II,” Ace Hotel, Los Angeles. June 5 – 26

2014 “Generations of Queer,” Onsite [@] OCADU, Toronto March 12 – June 28

2013 “Truth or Dare: Etiquette III,” The Substation, Singapore. November 21 – 30.

2013 “Qouleur,” Rats 9, Montréal 

2012 “Queers Can't Wait,” Coming Societee, Hong Kong 

2012 “HTMlles” 10 Studio XX, Montréal

2011 “Dis-commodify” Armory Arts Week, Brooklyn, New York

Film and Video 

2014 “100 Crushes: The Tie” 1:20 min, stop-motion 

2014 “100 Crushes, Chapter 6: They” 2 mins, claymation video, E. Lim 

2013 “God Loves Queers” 2 mins, time lapse video, E. Lim 

2012 “100 Butches #9: Ruby” 1 min, claymation video, E. Lim 

2012 “The Hawker” 1 min, stop-motion video, E.Lim and C. Guzman

2011 “Los Sentidos” 2 min, video, E. Lim and C. Guzman

Select Screenings 

2018 Leeway Foundation 25th Anniversary, Philadelphia, August 1

2017 Pittsburgh Underground Film Festival, August 6

2017 Bloomington Pride Film Festival, June 26

2016 Out on Screen, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, August 11

2015 MIX NYC 

2015 Seattle LGBT Film Festival 

2015 Vienna Queer Film Festival

2015 Transcreen Amsterdam 

2015 Stockholm LGBT Film/Video, November 16

2014 London BFI LGBT Film Festival

2014 Toronto Reel Asian Film Festival 

2014 MIX Copenhagen 

2014 Inside Out Film Festival Toronto 

2013 South Asian Visual Art Centre (SAVAC) Monitor Series: Montreal and London, UK, 

2013 San Francisco Frameline Festival 

2013 Melbourne LGBT Film Festival 

2013 British Film Institute, LGBT Film Festival, London, UK

2012 Seoul Mixed Media Film Festival, Seoul, Korea 

2012 LA Transgendered Film Festival 

2012 Chicago Indie Boots Festival 

2012 Toronto Inside Out Film Festival

2011 Brooklyn Site Fest Armory Arts Festival

Artist residency 

2011 Spring artist-in-residence, AGO Youth Council


2014 100 Crushes. Finalist, Lambda Literary Award for Best Graphic Novel 

2014 The Tie. Best Female Director: Shorts. Reel Asian International Film Festival 

2014 Hari. Best Emerging Artist: Short Films. Toronto LGBTQ Inside/Out Film Festival 


Steinbock, Eliza. (2019). "Puncture Wounds: Sensing Stigmata in the Gender Non Conforming Portrait." in Perverse Assemblages - Queering Heteronormativity Inter/medially. Revolver Publishing, Frankfurt: 2018.

Atluri, Tara (2018). "The Transient Aesthetic:The Timeless Archives of Andil Gosine, Syrus Marcus Ware, and Elisha Lim." in Uncommitted Crimes: The Defiance of the Artistic Imagi/ nationToronto: Inanna Press, 2018. 

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De Rozario, Tania. (2011). "Beyond Borders: Elisha Lim." Etiquette III, Singapore. 28 November

Allison, Luna. (2009). "100 Butches: Looking at who counts with Elisha Lim". Capital Xtra! July 


University of Toronto

Committee Member, Faculty of Information Committee for hiring Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Officer, 2021

Project Manager, Critical Digital Methods Institute (CDMI) 2020 - present

Conference organizing committee, OISE CIARS Decolonizing Conference, 2017 

Editor-in-Chief, University of Toronto political analysis magazine, Naive Journal 2003 – 2004

Founder, University of Toronto Interfaith Dialogue Society 2003

OCAD University

Project Manager, Uncover/Recover project, the OCAD University Indigenous Visual Cultures Program. In collaboration with Professor Bonnie Devine. The project was awarded a Lieutenant Governor’s Ontario Heritage Award for Excellence in Conservation in 2019. August 2017 to July 2018

Editor and advisor on the LGBT guide “Handbook: supporting queer and trans students in art and design education” OCAD University, 2018

Jury, OCAD Teaching Awards, 2018

Committee Member, Presidential Task Force for Diversity Hiring, 2017

Activist of the Year, Honourable Mention, OCAD University, 2016

Steering committee member, Onsite [@] OCADU Art Gallery, 2016

Organizer and host, OCADU Art and Social Justice Committee (ASOC) Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) Bi-weekly Host drop-ins for OCADU students of colour, 2016

Student committee member of OCADU ASOC Art and Social Justice Conference, 2015

Organizer and host of BIPOC Crits: Host monthly meeting for Black, Indigenous and People of colour artists for critique and peer support, 2015

Scholarly, Arts and Activist Community

Peer reviewer, Association of Internet Researchers, 2021

Peer reviewer, International Communication Association Conference, 2021

Peer reviewer and proofreader, QTBIPOC Academic Peer Network. 

Board Member, Artscape Youngplace, Flex Studios, 2014 – 2016

Archivist, Feminist Art Gallery (FAG) Toronto, 2013

Mentor, Queer Partnerships, directed by Professor Erin Silver, Concordia University, 2012 – 2013

Curator and Director, Montréal's first Racialized & Queer Festival Qouleur. 

Co-directer, Fresh to Def, party for queer people of colour at the Gladstone Hotel. 2010 – 2012

Co-Director, Les Blues: live queer Black history documentary, headlined Toronto Pride 2010 and won the Feminist Art Gallery award. 2010

Writing instructor, Genderfoq QTBIPOC writing group, 519 Church, June – August 2010

Governing member, Liebig 34: Berlin queer anti-poverty hausprojekt, 2007

Art Jury 

2015 Reel Asian Film Festival Short Films, Toronto

2014 Cue Grant, Toronto

2013 Gibraltar Point LGBT Intergenerational Arts Residency, Toronto

2012 Gibraltar Point LGBT Intergenerational Arts Residency, Toronto

2011 Leeway Foundation Transformation Award, Philadelphia 

Keynote address, OCAD University Orientation 2017